Red 13


“I may be clad in fur...but that doesn't mean I'll purr.”

Red XIII is a beast with a flaming tail, crimson fur, ​deadly claws, and the ability to speak. Cloud and ​company help him escape Professor Hojo's clutches,​ and he decides to join them on their journey. ​His species is known for their long life spans, ​and he is no exception. As this Cosmo Canyon ​native is the eldest member of the party, he offers ​its members words of wisdom from time to time.

Weapon: Collar​

He sets upon foes with an unrelenting assault, laying into them with a beastly ferocity. Guarding against incoming attacks will feed his Vengeance gauge. Once it is full, he can unleash his inner beast, but sufficient skill is required to maximize its potential.


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