Barret Headshot

Barret Wallace

“This is the planet we're talkin' about! Y'all know she's gonna pour her heart and soul into this fight!”

The leader of an independent Avalanche cell, Barret spearheads an operation to take down Shinra's mako reactors. He pays a hefty price for this, however, when the company retaliates, and his comrades die in the crossfire. Armed with the memories of his lost friends and the newfound knowledge of Sephiroth's plans, he departs Midgar in hope of saving the planet and safeguarding a future for his daughter Marlene.

Weapon: Gunarm​

What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in both sturdiness and strength, converting his anger toward Shinra into raw firepower. He employs a variety of ranged attacks, from rapid-fire salvos to powerful explosions, which allow him to strike foes high in the air or across the battlefield. 


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