Aerith Headshot

Aerith Gainsborough

“Just look at it all... A living, breathing planet. Even after everything we've done to it, it's still going strong.”

A flower seller who lives in the Sector 5 undercity and the last remaining descendant of the Cetra, a people known for communing with the planet. Shinra takes her prisoner in their efforts to reach the Cetra's foretold "promised land," but Cloud and company come to her rescue. She escapes Midgar and embarks on a journey into the outside world of which she has long dreamed.

Weapon: Staff​

Utilizing the power of magic, she casts spells from a safe distance and launches attacks that home in on her foes. She can also conjure beneficial wards and warp between them, as well as restore the party's HP with her limit break.


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