Regions of the World


A vast, verdant expanse of land rich with mako. These plains are dotted with smaller outposts and planetary fonts waiting to be discovered. Adventure lies beyond the swamplands, but you'll need to rent a chocobo from the local ranch if you want to cross.

Under Junon

Former capital of the eponymous republic, this once-bustling port town fell into decline after its destruction at the hands of Shinra. All that remains now is a desolate fishing village where the displaced citizens have taken refuge.


Previously a beacon of hope and economic prosperity, the former capital of the republic now slumbers beneath the waves. After its takeover, Shinra repurposed the city into its second-largest outpost, a fortified stronghold replete with an underwater reactor.

Corel Prison

A sprawling slum that infests the base of the Gold Saucer. It's almost as if the Saucer's glimmering façade acts a beacon for vagabonds and ne'er-do-wells the world over, as they have flocked there in droves. So dangerous is the Dustbowl─Corel Prison's slightly kinder sobriquet--that those who enter its limits are said to never return.

Gold Saucer

Referred to as the gilded paradise, the Gold Saucer is a resplendent amusement park on an epic scale. It is divided into seven areas, called ""squares,"" each with their own unique attractions. One such is the Skywheel, which takes guests high above the Saucer for an unforgettable view of the park, and has proven to be a popular date spot.


A halcyon hamlet kept safe from the outside world by a sturdy stone wall. Though it lacks a reactor of its own, it thrives thanks to a steady supply of mako piped in from the metropolis of Midgar, which is visible from atop the town’s famous clock tower.

Mythril Mine

A once-bustling mine that connects the grasslands with Junon. Though once prized for its rich mythril deposits, the quarry fell into disuse after Shinra developed a superior mineral of their own, and the miners that once worked its tunnels have been replaced with monsters.


A Shinra cruise ship that ferries travelers between the planet’s eastern and western continents. After departing the port of Junon, it heads for the resort town of Costa del Sol. As part of the on-board entertainment, the ship plays host to a Queen’s Blood tournament.

Starboard Junon

An urban residential zone within the fortified metropolis overlooking the ocean. In addition to housing for Shinra personnel, high-end boutiques and restaurants line its streets. Currently, preparations are underway here for Rufus Shinra’s presidential inauguration parade.

Costa del Sol

A thriving resort town built on the continent's always-sunny coast. All visitors to this ocean oasis are welcomed with graceful dancers and colourful flower garlands. While Costa del Sol has many attractions, its biggest draw is its pristine sandy beaches, which are always filled with tourists eager take a refreshing dip.


A small village situated in the middle of a verdant jungle. It is also the site of a horrific mako reactor explosion. The Gongaga mushrooms that grow in the surrounding tangle are wonderfully fragrant and are considered a delicacy by many. Due to the explosion, the Gongaga reactor remains offline to this day.

Cosmo Canyon

An arid expanse marked by its vivid red earth and majestic ravines. Known as the "sanctuary of planetology," here you can find numerous scholars dedicated to studying the planet. However, it is also populated by ascetics who have eschewed mako consumption and tourists enticed by the region's deep spirituality. Rather than mako, the settlement itself relies on wind power. Numerous windmills dot the canyon, harnessing the gale-force winds that whistle between its walls.

Nibelheim (5 Years Ago)

A quiet, antiquated village tucked away at the foot of Mt. Nibel—the location of Shinra's first ever mako reactor. While the reactor once brought prosperity to the village, it now seems to be a hotbed of monstrous activity, and the war hero Sephiroth is called upon to lead an investigation into the matter.

Shinra Mansion

A dilapidated building on the outskirts of Nibelheim owned by the Shinra Electric Power Company. While it once housed a team of skilled researchers who carried out clandestine experiments in its subterranean chambers, it now lies vacant, and not even Nibelheim's residents are allowed inside.


Chocobos are the adorable feathered friends of the FINAL FANTASY series. In this game, once you catch a chocobo in the wild, you can call it at any time in that region, and it will offer you special assistance in traversing its home terrain. You can also customize your chocobo's equipment to create a steed that's suited just for you.

Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Barrett ride across a grassy plain on their yellow chocobos


Hop aboard your chocobo to explore the world with ease. Try sprinting if you're in a hurry to reach your next destination.

Cloud rides a grey chocobo as it claws its way up a steep mountain.

Mountain Chocobos

Using their mighty talons, these chocobos can climb up and down steep slopes that bear special markings. Even if a destination seems inaccessible by foot, you might be able to get there on chocoback.

Cloud and the party glide across a canyon on their sky chocobos

Sky Chocobos

These chocobos can take flight from gliding ranges and soar across peaks and valleys. Take to the skies and nothing will stand in your way.

Cloud rides a blue chocobo across an expanse of water

Ocean Chocobos

These chocobos use a steady stream of water to propel themselves across bodies of water. Need to get to the other side of a raging river? Does the sea stand between you and your destination? Well, neither are too tough for an ocean chocobo!

Cloud rides a green chocobo by what looks like an abandoned settlement, taken over by the forest

Forest Chocobos

This breed of bird comes in quite handy on treks through the woods, where it can springboard off giant mushrooms and slide down tree branches. No matter how thick the trees or lush the undergrowth, forest chocobos make traversing the hinterland a breeze.

New Forms of Transportation

In addition to chocobos, this game features many ways to get from one place to another. Take your friends on a buggy ride through the wastelands or do some seaside sightseeing aboard a wheelie... Put these various vehicles to use as you explore the world!

Cloud and the party ride through a deep canyon in their buggy


The buggy, which can be ridden across sandy terrain, can also drive through shallow water and travel faster than chocobos. Buckle up and take the party on a wild ride through the vast desert.

Cloud rides a Wheelie around Costa Del Sol


In the seaside resort of Costa del Sol, you can ride around on a wheelie, a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle. Tour the town at your own pace, all while taking in the beautiful scenery of this land of eternal summer.

The Tiny Bronco, a reddish airship, floats on still water just outside of Junon

Tiny Bronco

The mechanical apple of Cid Highwind's eye, this sturdy aircraft serves as Bronco Airlines' entire fleet. Cid routinely lands it at old airstrips across the continent, so if you're ever at one, send up a smoke signal and he'll fly on down. Bronco Airlines always gets you where you need to go, but brace for a bumpy ride!


Not only stories and battles, but all kinds of unique elements of fun await players. Enjoy the numerous minigames available across the game's world.

Cloud riding a G-Bike in an arena full of opponent


The "Spinning Slash," which uses a large sword to reap enemies, and the super-accelerating “Nitrous Boost" are just a few of the many things you can do in this bike game. Fight off the relentless gun-shooting participants and win the battle that goes beyond just speed.

Cloud riding a chocobo down a racetrack, with opposing riders flanking him on either side

Chocobo Races

A fierce race to test your chocobo riding skills. Break the balloons that appear along the way to use various techniques. Deepen the bond with your chocobo and aim for first place.

A low polygon figure of Cloud punches a SHINRA guard

3D Brawler

Manipulate 3D polygons and take on your opponent in a one-on-one match. Avoid your opponent's attacks and deliver a powerful punch. If you have powerful limit moves that you can unleash by continuing to land hits, victory will surely be yours.

Cloud hangs tightly on to the fin of Mister Dolphin as they sail across the sea

Dolphin Show

Hold on tight to Priscilla's well-trained dolphin friend and sail through the waters of Under Junon. Have Mr. Dolphin bop his beloved beach balls to improve his mood and kick that tailfin into high gear.

Barret and Yuffie ride a mine cart through a canyon, firing projectiles at crates along the way.

Minecart Adventure

Hop aboard a minecart for a thrilling run down Mt. Corel. Destroy the Shinra crates you encounter along the way to earn useful items.

Two spaceships taking part in a dogfight with a bright purple galaxy in the background

Galactic Saviors

Join the space rangers in their war against the vile Gilgamesh Army and secure peace in the galaxy. Pilot your very own starcruiser and lay waste to the fleet that threatens your freedom.

Several frogs leaping. One of them has a buster sword on its back, one has a large shuriken.


Tap into your inner toad and dodge all manner of obstacles in a game designed to test your amphibious reflexes. Make it to the end without croaking to earn the title of Peerless Polliwog!

A first-person view down the barrel of a rifle taking aim at targets appearing on a pirate ship

Pirate's Rampage

A shooting gallery found in one of Costa del Sol's many beachside stalls. Take aim and bring down the moving targets to earn a reputation as the finest marksman to ever sail the seas.

On a grassy pitch Red 13 takes aim at the goal ready to propel the giant football with all his might

Run Wild

Compete as Red XIII in a ferocious four-team battle to determine the real king of the jungle. Bypass your opponents' iron-tight defences to shoot the ball into their goals, but make sure to defend yours while you're at it!

Cloud smashes crates to dust with a mighty swing of the Buster Sword

Desert Rush

Smash mountains of boxes to dust like a Corel Prison inmate letting off steam. Manoeuvre through a winding course to destroy as many boxes as you can within the time limit.

Tifa, wearing Shinra armour, takes part in the military parade.

Rufus' Inauguration Parade

After infiltrating the festivities as a Shinra trooper, Cloud takes on the role of parade captain. Lead your drill team in a successful performance to win the coveted presidential commendation.

A low-poly representation of a battlefield. Allied soldiers are led by their commander Barret.

Fort Condor

A game of strategy in which you must position pieces on the field to defend your base and destroy the enemy base. Even Cloud and friends join the fray as commanders, each possessing a unique skill that can turn the tide of battle.

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