Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth How-To guide for applying their controller skin

How Do I Apply The Skin?

1. Find a clean flat surface where you can stabilize your controller to apply the skin.

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you begin.

Clean your controller surface with a slightly damp cloth using water or rubbing alcohol and let dry completely.

2. Handle the skin with care. Gradually peel the skin off of the backing paper. Remove the small button cutouts and discard. Avoid stretching any part of the skin, especially the thin parts.

3. Line up the skin with your controller as close as possible. Start on the top of your controller and work downwards. Carefully apply the skin to your controller making sure it lines up with all the button openings and curves.

If the skin does not line up correctly, carefully peel it off and try again. Make sure not to stretch the skin or it will no longer fit.

As you apply the skin to your controller, firmly press the skin from the middle to the edges, pushing any air bubbles out from under. To make this easier, you can use a credit card or other plastic card to help apply more even pressure. Be careful not to scratch your skin.