Cloud swings the Buster Sword toward a giant fish


Press [□] to perform a normal attack. Dealing damage will also fill the ATB gauge needed to use abilities and spells.

A fight taking place in Tactical mode, the Command menu is open and Red 13 is being given orders


Open the command menu with [x] to enter Tactical Mode, which slows down the passage of time. Devise your strategies in the moment or register commands as shortcuts and use them as your intuition deems fit.

Cloud unleashing a fiery sword slash ability on a birdlike foe


Equipping weapons and setting materia will grant access to a wide range of abilities. Using these abilities requires you to expend charges from the ATB gauge, which fills as time passes or whenever you deal damage.

Aerith unleashes powerful ice magic on a monster


Magic materia can be set in weapons and armor to enable the use of spells such as Fire and Cure. Casting spells consumes both ATB charges as well as MP.

Cloud performing one of his limit break attacks

Limit Break

The limit gauge gradually fills as you take damage or stagger foes. Once the gauge is full, you can unleash devastating limit breaks unique to each party member. Some synergy abilities can increase your limit level, enabling the usage of even more powerful attacks.

Cloud and Tifa unleash a joint offensive on a single enemy with their synergy skill


Powerful attacks in which two characters team up to turn the tide of battle. More abilities will unlock as you increase the party level - a numerical expression of how closely-knit your team is - and deepen the affinity between party members. Fill the synergy gauge by using abilities, then unleash a synchronized assault!


Setting summoning materia will grant access to the power of the gods. A conjured deity will follow the player's lead and fight enemies automatically, but you can also instruct them to use special abilities. Before they depart the battlefield, summons will unleash one final attack that will wreak immense havoc.

The giant, tower-like arms of Alexander glow with magic


An enormous, armour-plated weapon that towers over even other summons. No ordinary foe could possibly withstand an assault from its entire arsenal.

A beastly horse rears up as its rider, Odin, summons lightning magic


A horse-riding swordsman who brandishes an enormous blade known as Zantetsuken. He gallops toward foes and sends them flying with a single, sweeping slash.

Kujata raises its horns as lightning strikes the battlefield


A bovine deity that charges around the battlefield wielding the power of fire, ice, and lightning. It throws foes with its enormous horns and unleashes magical attacks that strike even distant enemies’ weaknesses.

The colossal Titan, raising his huge arms above himself in a show of strength


A titanic colossus whose arms of solid stone can rend the earth - and your enemies - asunder

Multiple wings and tendrils extend from the terrifying dragon Bahamut. Red sparks shoot all around

Bahamut Arisen

A massive dragon covered in resplendent red scales. It cuts off any possible escape routes with its lightning-quick speed, and decimates its enemies with both sharp claws and a veritable arsenal of weaponry.

The glorious red phoenix spreads its wings. Embers fall through the sky like snow.


A bird possessed of exquisite beauty and wings of brilliant flame. Phoenix not only flies about the battlefield assailing foes with its blisteringly hot attacks, but also heals the party's wounds.

Combat and Difficulty

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH offers multiple combat styles and difficulty levels for players of all persuasions.

The main menu is open with the two combat styles shown: Active mode and Classic mode.

Combat Styles

“Active” mode offers players total control over their characters’ every move, allowing them to execute advanced strategies. “Classic” mode automates characters’ basic actions, giving players time to focus on specific command selection.

The main menu is open, with the three different difficulty settings shown: Easy, Normal and Dynamic

Difficulty Levels

“Easy” difficulty allows people to focus on the story rather than battles, while “Normal” provides a reasonable challenge for most players. In the newly added “Dynamic” difficulty, enemies grow stronger as your characters do—perfect for players who crave constant challenge.

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